We are back with another great and amazing written update of the most prominent daily soup, Udaariyaan. Everyone knows that the show is actually very genuine and amazing that always stuns millions of people all around the country. The story of the show never miss any chance to entertain everyone and the performance of the stars also heated up the entire environment.

Udaariyaan 23rd September 2021

The upcoming episode of the show also going to make the intact atmosphere very superb and brilliant for the audience. The upcoming episode of the show is also ready to entertain everyone by showing some exceptional episodes with a very huge pack of entertainment.

The upcoming episode of the show begins with Jasmin says she forget to open the gifts and bouquet. She says we have to open the gifts. But, Fateh throws the bouquet angrily and sits. Tejo and Mahi go and Tejo asks Biji not to cry. Biji says she couldn’t even hug Simran at once.

She says when Simran was born she distributed gold coins and now she doesn’t know how is she. Khushbeer doesn’t think of Gurpreet. On the other hand, Gurpreet sees Simran’s pic and cries. Mahi says she told that Simran liked this very much and then Gurpreet says yes and she used to stay happy.

Gurpreet further says she even don’t know from what situation she is going through and then Tejo comes and consoles her. Then, Gurpreet urged Tejo to take her to Simran as she want to meet her. She further says that she can’t sit peacefully till she didn’t see Simran’s wellbeing.

Then, Mahi asks Tejo that she knows everything about her but Tejo denies telling anything about her. Tejo says she made a promise to her and she wants to respect her words by not saying anything to anyone.

But, when Gurpreet again request Tejo to take her to Simran then Tejo says give her some time as she will bring Simran back home. Gurpreet asks to give a promise and then Tejo gives a promise to Gurpreet. Now, what will happen next is actually very interesting and exceptional to watch.

We are sure that tonight’s episode is actually very amazing in which the makers trying to show a brilliant story in which all the characters portraying their characters very well. Udaariyaan Tonight’s episode will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and don’t forget to watch the upcoming episode.


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