The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan has been engaged a number of people to watch the further story. Everyone knows that the makers have always provided some great episodes and suspense that always keep the viewers engaged with fresh episodes. The previous episode already makes everyone curious to know the upcoming ones.

Udaariyaan, 23rd October 2021

If you actually want to watch the full episode that will be going to air tonight then it will be hitting television screens on Colors TV. A number of viewers are keenly waiting to know more about the upcoming turns and twists that make the entire episode highly anticipated and worth watching.

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The upcoming episode begins with Jassi saying he got the law and legal papers as he carrying the trump card. On the other hand, Khushbeer says he can’t take Tejo with himself as he looted and ran away with his greedy mother.

After that, Jassi further says that he tells the entire Ramayan to everyone, and Khushbeer asks who is the Raavan and asks him to keep the anger down. Then, Fateh shouts but Tejo stops them. Tejo asks Jass why he came here and what’s going on in his mind then Jass says he will explain every one.

After that, Jass tells her he is coming here to take Tejo with him. He further says that he is not saying anything as Fateh and his family took Tejo as their Bahu and says Fateh to don’t angry. He says to Fateh that his blood is hot just like him, his blood is also boiling. Suddenly, Fateh scolds him and asks what did he want, and says that Tejo won’t go from here.

Jass says what happened to him as the entire pind knows that he loves Tejo’s younger sister and then he taunts him did he gets goosebumps hearing her name and laughs.

Then, Tejo says stops the nonsense, and comes to the point of why he is here. Jass replies to her that he is here to take Tejo in a legal way. The story takes some more crispy and interesting turns in the upcoming episode and it will surely excite everyone a lot.

We are sure that the daily soup will be loved by millions of people all around the country and the TRP of the show always remains on the top. Udaariyaan will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and everyone can watch it tonight.


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