The latest episode of Udaariyaan is all set to entertain the audience and today’s episode begins with Jasmine and Tejo as Tejo says to her that she was something else in London and now, she has changed her avatar. Jasmine says that because there was Amrik with her and suddenly, she receives a call and goes from there. Later, Fateh meets her and says that she doesn’t know anything and said that she has a compulsion. Jasmine says that she will handle everything as she needs time. Fateh says that he can’t hide one more reality and Jasmine realizes that he didn’t even tell them that Tejo was pregnant.

Udaariyaan 23rd May 2022 Full Written Update

Fateh says that her son is no more and his son has gone from this house. Fateh says that he can’t handle anything and they are now in the same spot they were. They never loved their loved ones and due to which, they left us behind. Jasmine feels upset for Fateh and suddenly, Jasmine thinks that there is something different because he has to think about it. Jasmine says that they are alone together and maybe, it’s time for them to come close once again.

Jasmine says that fate is trying to give us back something. Jasmine says that now, it’s time for them to get close once again. Jasmine says that they are together once again and hugs him. Suddenly, she finds that she is dreaming. Fateh says that their family has to be strong so, they can tolerate the death of Amrik and Tejo. Jasmine says that he can’t be hers and what is she thinking about? Jasmine feels vomit and he asks him to have water. He cares for her and Jasmine takes it wrong. Jasmine says that she didn’t sleep peacefully for the last few days and maybe, she is not feeling well.

Jasmine goes back to her house and she thinks that she is feeling unhealthy for the last few days. She says that she has to go back to the doctor for a check-up. Another side, Tejo says that she has to go back to Fateh’s house. She tries to wake Jasmine up but she doesn’t go. Tejo goes from there and suddenly, Jasmine wakes up and checks her pregnancy. Satti asks Roopi to have Pratha with her family. Satti brings the launch box for Tejo and she asks for it.

Her family asks that they thought she is going to college back. Roopi asks them to rest for a while before moving to college life once again. Fateh goes to Sandhu’s house and Tejo goes to him. Tai Ji thinks that there is black magic over Tejo. The Episode Ends.


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