The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Fateh has set up a tent in front of Roopi’s house because he wants to take an apology of him to marry Tejo at any cost. When Roopi gets to know about his drama, the anger of Roopi crosses all his barricades, as Fateh is trying to do everything against him. Roopi thinks that now, he will talk to him strictly because he doesn’t want to understand the language of the tongue in short, Roopi is going to do something big against Fateh so, he will never come to his daughter again.


Along with this, Roopi announces that until Roopi will not give Tejo’s hand in his hand and will not forgive him, he will not remove this tent from this place and continue his apology. Simply, Fateh just wants to win Tejo and can do everything for her. Fateh is adamant about his world and another side, Roopi gets angrier with his drama because somewhere, Fateh was the only reason behind the unhappiness of his daughters. He decides that he will take him away from Tejo and Jasmine no matter what happens. But as we know, Fateh is in love with Tejo and can do everything for her at any cost.

On the other side, Jasmine is now also with Roopi and she also says that she doesn’t want to lose her sister once again because she got to know from a priest that if Tejo will marry Fateh so, she will die therefore, she doesn’t want to lose Tejo. She is now agreeing Roopi’s words and says that whatever happens but he doesn’t need to accept the apology of Fateh. Well, Jasmine is trying to save her family from an upcoming tragedy in their life. Meanwhile, Roopi thinks that Jasmine doesn’t need to think more about this matter and he will handle everything.

After a while, Tejo goes to Jasmine and asks why is she taking the side of Roopi after knowing that he is the wall of her love. Meanwhile, Jasmine tries to make her understand that Fateh is not good for her. She doesn’t need to make her life happy with him. Tejo intentions that Jasmine is hiding something but she doesn’t asks her and thinks that she will get to know about this herself. Now, it will be interesting to know what will happen next in the upcoming episode? Keep watch Udaariyaan on ColorsTV.


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