Well, the latest episode of Udaariyaan is back with lots of twisting and turning points where Fateh is now with Tejo and they are close to each other once again. But how can we forget Jasmine, who was the first love of Fateh now, Fateh realized his mistake and come back to Tejo but unfortunately.


Jasmine is not going to leave him and planning to revenge on him as soon as possible. Tejo and Fateh know about her intentions and because of this, they are collecting some proof to save Amrik from jail as he was trapped by Jasmine in an accident case.

Now, after the previous episode of the serial, it has been taken a new turn and viewers are eagerly waiting to watch this episode. Let us tell you how Jasmine trapped Fateh and Tejo in her plan but unfortunately, it turned into happiness and the Fate’s football team won the match and he also got his job back.

Well, the last episode was also amazing where Jasmine made an announcement and said to her that she is allowing her for the next three days to attend the wedding of Simran.

She says that it is now free, free, and free. Jasmine says that as a daughter-in-law and a younger sister of Simran Di, she invites her into the family function. Tejo says that today, she is offering clapping instead of abuse. There is something that is hidden because she never does anything without any intentions.

Later, Fateh stands in front of Jasmine and she asks him to move as she is Bhabhi of the house and has to manage all the arrangements. Everyone is spending quality time in the function and on the other side, Fateh says that lies always come in front of everyone that happened in college time and a lie is always a lie.

Fateh says to her that in the wedding of his sister, he will not see anything wrong and never tolerate any mishappening. Jasmine says that what did she lie? She arranged the marriage of Bojo and Simran, also manage the decoration, did everything to handle this marriage.

She also invites Tejo in the wedding and what can she do more than this. She gets angry over him and says that if she dies, he will be relaxed. Now, many things is yet to reveal in the episode and viewers are too excited to watch this. Get ready to watch this episode tonight.


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