We are back with the latest episode of Udaariyaan that begins with Angad who is trying to kill Tejo and says that if she will not be him so, neither anyone. Tejo has been trapped in the good down behind the wedding function. Another side, Roopi’s health gets worse and Satti sees him. She tells him that Tejo’s phone is unreachable and Roopi’s health is going worse. Everyone gets tensed but Roopi says that he has to meet her daughter and another side, Fateh is running towards her to meet. Tejo is asking for help from outside but couldn’t.


Tejo couldn’t get out of the hall and continuously asked for help. On another side, Fateh sees Jasmine who is picking up a Taxi and she asks Fateh what is he doing here and where is his car? Fateh tells that there is a fault in his car and Jasmine gives him a lift. They are rushing toward Tejo who has been trapped in the fire. She continuously asks for help from others but Angad increases the volume of his car so, no one couldn’t hear her.

Angad says that no one can hear Tejo’s voice. She will go far away from everyone. Later, Fateh reaches there and Fateh asks her that did she give the letter to her? Jasmine says that he asked her to give it to her after marriage. Jasmine says that they don’t have time to talk about this as Tejo is waiting for him. Fateh goes inside. Another side, everyone welcomes Angad on the door. Fateh goes inside and finds that there is too much smoke. He tries to open the door but failed. He shouts to Tejo and Jasmine hears him.

Jasmine goes behind him and they try to break the door. Jasmine tells her that Tejo is inside. Roopi’s health gets worse than before and says that he has to meet Tejo. Tejo sees Fateh outside with Jasmine and reminds her about Jasmine and Fateh. She says that nothing will happen to Tejo. Later, Police reach there and they tell Fateh that their personnel has gone inside. All his family members reach there. Jasmine says that he came to meet Fateh last time before marriage.

Later, police personnel comes with things and tells that they found it from inside the hall. Everyone gets shocked after seeing that all the things were of Tejo. They find that Tejo has gone. Angad is trying to act as if he is upset after losing her.

Later, Fateh sees Tejo’s dream and wakes up. He thinks about Tejo and cries. Another side, Jasmine finds a rose inside a book and gets happy. He reads Fateh’s later which was written for her. The Episode Ends. Well, the next episodes will begin with a new story of Fateh and Tejo when they meet once again in London.


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