The latest of Udaariyaan begins with Fateh who is talking to his friend and his friend motivates him by saying that he needs to do something. He says that he will have to achieve her and doesn’t need to sit calmly until he got her. On the other side, Tejo thinks about Fateh and Roopi when Roopi ignored Fateh at the Gurudwara. Suddenly, Jasmine meets Tejo and hugs her from behind. She feels excited and Tejo asks the reason for her happiness. Tejo asks her to sit and tell her everything.

Udaariyaan Today's Episode 22nd March 2022 Written Update

Jasmine tells Tejo that she told everything to Amrik and Tejo also gets happy after hearing this from her. Tejo thinks that if he gets to know about this so, the matter can be destroyed more. Another side, Fateh feels a headache and finds the medicine. He opens the drawer and picks up the latter but he takes medicines and takes a rest. On another side, Tejo asks that did he read the latter? Jasmine says that he must be read it and he said that Jasmine, you need to forget everything and start a new life. Jasmine says that he loves her a lot.

Tejo says that she is happy for her as she told everything to him. Tejo says that now, it’s her turn, and can’t hide this from Fateh. Jasmine thinks about Fateh and asks her not to tell Fateh anything because everyone is trying to believe in her. Jasmine asks for some time from Tejo and she says that she will not tell anything to him. Tejo feels upset. On the other side, Amrik comes to Fateh and asks about his health. Fateh tells him that he need rest for a while and gets normal. Jasmine get to know that Fateh is also depressed due to this matter.

Jasmine tries to comfort her and says that Papa will definitely forgive Fateh. He needs some time. Jasmine says that everything will be fined. Suddenly, Tejo shows a plan to Jasmine and she gets angry. Jasmine says that this dream spoiled her life and couldn’t think about this once again. Tejo says that her dream was not wrong but her way was wrong. Jasmine says that her new dream is to see her and Fateh’s marriage. Suddenly, Roopi comes to Tejo’s room and scolds Jasmine.

Tejo says to Jasmine that she has to promise that she will not do anything. If he will forgive him otherwise, she is alone happy. Later, Roopi gets angry among everyone and says that everyone is looking at his mistake. He goes from there in anger. While Fateh is also tense due to these problems. He is continuously thinking about Fateh. Roopi says that that man gave pain to his daughter and when he will come in front of him, he will kill him. The Episode Ends.


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