The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Jasmine getting tricked and later, this episode begins with the team of Fateh and Jasmine as his team is doing back-to-back goals. Now, the score of the team is equal and a player gets pushed and after this, the team gets a penalty goal.

Udaariyaan 22nd February 2022 Written Update

Fateh sends a defender to kick the football in the goal and everyone gets scared including the principal and parents. However, the players kick a goal and the team wins the match. Meanwhile, Jasmine releases herself and comes out of the room.

She says that she will not leave them. After this, the teacher argues with the principal and asks her to bring it back in the college. Another student of the team comes and says in the support of Fateh. Suddenly, all the parents and the students argue with each other and Fateh scolds them no to give answers back to their parents.

He says sorry to the principal and he just wanted only their victory or nothing else. Later, Tejo comes with another coach and reveals that he gave alcohol in students’ drinks. Tejo also reveals how the coach was paid to lose the match and instructed wrong to all the students so, they could lose this match.

The coach comes there and says that Tejo locked him in the room and he also reveals the truth in front of everyone. The principal scolds the coach for his intentions. Tejo asks all the parents that they still want him as their student’s coach instead of Fateh.

But still, the parents are against Fateh. She says that Fateh trained all the students and therefore, the college won this match. After this, she leaves their decision and waits for their decision.

Tejo congratulates him and says that she want one treat. Fateh is still upset. Fateh asks her if she really wants a treat from him and Tejo says yes but she wants Kulfi’s date. Fateh tells about Jasmine to Tejo. All the students come to Fateh and start taking a selfie with him. Jasmine comes there and gets angry after seeing this.

Jasmine says that she will take revenge on them in the marriage of Bojo and Simran. They come to the home and Jasmine tells everyone that Fateh got his job back. Khushbir asks how and what did he do? Fateh gives his all credit to Tejo and makes understanding to his family. Jasmine removes the rope and says that Tejo comes to their side until Simran’s wedding. The Episode Ends.


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