The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Fateh who clears out the mistake done by Tejo who calls Aunty instead of Mammi. She says sorry to her and her Mammi says that everyone is with her. Satti says that she just came here and we poured questions on her. Fateh says that God gives her another life and he will have to fill her heart with love. Tanya says that Tejo left the world without knowing the reality. Another side, Mahi curses Jasmine and says that everything happened because of Jasmine.

Udaariyaan 21st May 2022 Written Update

Satti asks everyone to come inside and Tanya asks about Jasmine. Satti says that she just went outside and now, she will be back. Fateh thinks that Jasmine asked him for 20 minutes and if Tanya will do any mistakes. Inside the Sandhu’s house, Tanya asks them to go as she needs to use the washroom. She searches in the house but couldn’t find the washroom. Suddenly, she was about to enter in another room and her aunty come there and tells her that this is her room. Tejo asks her that she didn’t meet her yet so, she will meet her first and then, use the washroom.

Another side, Fateh leaves and Roopi stops him by saying that his brother did everything for his daughter’s life and the entire Virk family is suffering from another life. Roopi says that he was not right just it was the time. He says that he came back with her and maybe, God also wants that they need to get married soon. Roopi says that he will not come between them.

Fateh asks him to stay with Jasmine and Tejo. He says that he needs to take care of Jasmine as she is suffering from shock and maybe, she will continue in her life. Roopi says that he doesn’t know anything but thanks to God that his both daughters are with her. Everyone asks her to eat something but Tanya denies but her aunty doubts at her.

Satti asks his son to remove Haar from her frame. She asks for Jasmine but her family suggests her stay away from Jasmine. Satti says that she knows everything that how to handle Jasmine. Later, Satti also feels doubt that she is not Tejo because Dilraj says that since she came back to this house, she didn’t ask him about his studies. Another side, Amrik’s mother remembers him and cries. Fateh comes there and asks her not to blame Jasmine in this matter. Mahi comes there and they all feels upset. The Episode Ends.


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