Hey folks, are you excited for the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan? One of the most trending serials has gathered a huge fans base among the watchers and the cast of the serial is also entertaining the viewers. The dilchasp love story of Fateh and Tejo is gaining more attention from the viewers as has become a good one once again after the incident where Tejo saved her life from a car blast. But, there were lots of things that happened in their life which is also causing their life. Now, Fateh, Tejo, and Jasmine, Amrik is traveling on the same boat and it seems that they are going to change the story once again.


Through this blog, we are going to share the latest written episode of the serial here. Today’s episode begins with Fateh who goes to Roopi for apologies for everything that happened in the past. But, Roopi is still angry with him and doesn’t accept his apology by saying that once a defaulter is always a defaulter. From today, he doesn’t want to see him near his daughter because he has already ruined his life and he warns him not to come close to his daughter again.

With this, Fateh says that he loved Tejo a lot and whatever happens, he will marry her at any cost. From inside, he says that he needs to talk to Tejo but here is Roopi and he can’t go close to her. Meanwhile, he tries to climb the house to reach in her room because he needs to talk to her so, he can share everything with her from which he is suffering because of Roopi. He thinks that he doesn’t have anyway and therefore, he asks for help from God because this time, his love is pure for Tejo.

During this, Angad is going to reveal his ace against Fateh fro Roopi because he is not going to be ready for the marriage of Fateh and Tejo. Because of this, he shares something about Fateh in front of Roopi who everything can be sorted. Along with this, he doesn’t want to take chance for Tejo and even, Roopi is also agreeing with Angad as he also saw the situation from which, his daughter suffered and therefore, he doesn’t want to see Fateh in front of his family.

On the other side, Roopi decides to make Tejo marry someone else asap so, the chapter of Fateh will be closed from their life. With this, he is also thinking to ask Tejo about this because he doesn’t want to go against her. During this, Angad also thinks that he should talk about his marriage with Tejo to her family, and maybe, Roopi gets agrees with this. So, let’s see what will happen next? Wil Roopi get agrees with Angad? Will Tejo accept this proposal?


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