The episode starts with Tejo and Fateh leave from party and Fateh praise her to make a fake love story. Tejo laughs and says thank you. He says that you had some alcohol and your minds started working that’s why you dictated the story well. She got shocked and asks Fateh how did you know that. He said that I have already had your drink and there was some alcohol also. She asks why didn’t you tell me.

Udaariyaan 21st July 2021 Written Update

Fateh said that I wanted you to enjoy the party that’s why I did that. Tejo says that’s why I am feeling light and I can tell you what is in my heart and what I feel about. Fateh says go ahead and tell me what is in your heart. Tejo says that j felt that I should have ran away on the first day of our marriage.

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Fateh says thank you Tejo that you didn’t do that. Tejo says I wanted to slap you when you make me want Jasmin’s saree on the puja day. You had thrown milk on me and showed all your anger on me. Fateh stops the car suddenly, Tejo asks what happened. He said get out of the car. He says I want you to slap me now. Tejo says I am sorry, I didn’t mean that. I was angry at that time but now I am fine. I just expressed my feelings and told you what I have gone through while you were doing all this to me.

Fateh holds Tejo’s hand and says that I was upset because of Chameli and was completed broken. I treated you badly, but you always supported me in my worse as well. You became my best friend and helped me to move on from Chameli.

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You are a gem to me and anyone would be happy if you will be his wife. I am the one of those lucky husbands who has a wide like you. Tejo says that I am happy to know that you realized your mistakes. Fateh cries and Tejo consoles him. Jasmin is getting ready and recalls Fateh, she throws things and shows her anger.

She screams that Fateh is mine and I will get him back. Fateh and Tejo get into the car about the car do start. Rain starts and Tejo gives him an umbrella while he checks the car. Tejo said I have kept it in the car if we needed it. Fateh ruins his shirt as engine oil is put on his shirt.

He takes off his shirt and tries to stop the leakage of oil. She asks him to take her duppatta. She cleans his face with her duppatta. He says that I will try once again and looks at him. She recalls the memories they spent together. The umbrella flies by the wind and Tejo falls back.

Fateh holds her hand and they sit into the car. Jasmin walks on the road and Amrik gives her lift. Jasmin says that I need to fine him as soon as possible. I feel that Fateh is in trouble. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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