One of the most prominent daily soups is on the way to entertain everyone all around the world. We know that Udaariyaan getting much attention and TRP on a daily basis. Not only this but the madness among the viewers to watch the further part of the story is touching the sky.

Udaariyaan 21st January 2022 Written Update

Along with it, the stars who portray the roles in the daily soup are very talented and give their best to entertain their fanatics all around the country. The previous episode of the show already shows some great moves in which fans got lots of entertainment while watching it.

Now, the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will begin with Jasmin asking the family about Tejo’s whereabouts. On the other hand, Tejo slaps Angad and says that he is a liar and fraud. She further says him to keep himself away from her.

After saying this, Tejo runs away and then Angad cries and recalls their moments. Not only this, but he falls down, and then she shouts Angad Ji and runs to him. Angad cries aloud and hits his hand to hurt himself. After that, she asks him to calm down.

In the next scene, Jasmin says she is told to call everyone as the main character of the story is missing. After that, Rupy asks her what did she want to say to everyone. On the other hand, Angad apologizes to Tejo and then he says her to stay away from him as he doesn’t want to hurt her.

He further says that there is another Angad who will hurt her and then again asks her to go from there. On the other hand, Satti scolds Jasmin about what she is doing in the house. But, Jasmin says that she becomes beautiful and comes here, and then she says everyone still thinks of Tejo.

She further says that she tried to become good for this family. Tejo goes to Angad and he is crying. He says he loves her a lot and further says that he doesn’t know from where he got this madness. He says she was alone and he thinks they both will share their loneliness but Tejo left him and his loneliness become his madness.

Now, what will happen next in the further story is going to air tonight on Colors TV. If you want to watch the full episode of Udaariyaan then you just have to wait for a while. The episode will be going to air at 7 PM.


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