The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will begin with some brilliant moments in which all the stars are ready to entertain everyone. The previous episode of the show already entertain everyone a lot and engage a high level of audience to watch it. Now, if you want to watch the full episode that will be going to air tonight.

uddariyan 21st december 2021

Yes, the makers of this brilliant daily soup will come with another highly anticipated story with lots of unforgettable moments. The show will be going to air on Colors TV and you can watch the full episode without any hesitation.

The forthcoming episode of Udaariyaan begins with Tejo who gets to know about the disguised girl who previously come home to make the servant fool go inside Riya’s room. She gets the details of the girl but does not assume of Jasmin. She chooses to find the culprit.

Jasmin is certain that Tejo can never believe her a convict, as Tejo believes she is in Canada with Fateh. Later, Jasmin makes sure Angad loses Riya. She meets Riya’s maternal grandmother. She tells that she is her well-wisher. She further says that she/Nani would be happy to meet someone from her.

After that, Nani asks her who is she and how does she know everyone. Then, Jasmin tells about Riya and the incident of her kidnapping and then tells Nani that Riya is not safe with Angad. She wants Nani to grab Riya from Angad. On the other hand, Angad meets Sharma uncle, who greatly admires his driver, Jaideep.

Angad tells that he also wants to meet Jaideep and thanks to him, after all, Jaideep has taken excellent care of Sharma. Fateh sees Angad and hides from him. Sharma sees Fateh around the car and asks him to meet Angad.

On the other hand, Fateh doesn’t know how to hide his face from Angad. Now, it will be exciting to watch if Fateh’s truth comes out. The upcoming episode of the show will come with some brilliant moments that actually make everyone very curious to watch the full story.

The plan of Jasmin will be also very interesting to see and what if she will get successful in her plan. So, the story of Udaariyaan will be going more intense and the level of interest among the audience to watch the full episode is also very high. So, the episode will be going to air at 7 PM only on Colors TV.


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