Welcome guys, we are here providing all the information related to the most loved daily soup, Udaariyaan. Now, the story of the show is actually very brilliant and everyone in the country is eager to watch the upcoming story. The story of the upcoming episode will begin with Jasmin asking Fateh why isn’t answering.

Udaariyaan 21st August 2021

Suddenly, Tejo gets Jasmin’s call, and then she goes to talk. After that, Jasmin asks her how are she as she wanted to meet her. She further says that she was worried for her. After hearing this, Tejo says she is fine and she also says Fateh is taking much care of her.

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Not only this, but Tejo also says her to tell everything not to worry about her as she is playing Tambola and she will meet Jasmin tomorrow. After that, Jasmin says Okay and takes care of her. Then, Jasmin thinks to meet Fateh in some way.

On the other hand, Fateh cleans the bed and Tejo says thanks to him for these beautiful things that she did for her. Tejo is very happy to see all these things but she is also in confusion and urging to know why Fateh is feeling too guilty for this incident. She again asked him why he is feeling guilty.

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After that, he says sorry to her and says that he is not a good husband and asks her can she forget this mistake. Tejo says yes, she will forget this mistake but only on one condition when he always care for her like this she is doing this time.

He says yes and says that he will not take care of her all the time but it will do it sometimes. After hearing this, from Fateh, she throws a cushion on him and says that he lose the game. Then, they both have a cute cushion fight and then they both fall down on the bed and laugh.

Later, she recalls their lovely moments then suddenly Fateh hears Jasmin’s voice and turns. When he turns, he sees Jasmin in Tejo and he hugs her by saying He loves her. In reply to him, Tejo also says she also loves her a lot, and then Fateh holds her hand. Tejo hugs her and sleeps in his arms.

Fateh stays awake and when Tejo sleep, he goes to the Terrace and recalls the words of Tejo. He sits and cries. Now, the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be actually very exciting and worth watching which makes everyone eager to watch it. The episode will be going to air on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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