CololrsTV is known for introducing some of the best and most amazing shows in recent days and Udaariyaan is one of them which is attracting a huge number of viewers every day. The fans were assuming that the show is about to reach on its end because the makers showed that Tejo has dead. Now, the episode begins with Fateh who gives the letter to Jasmine and Tejo misunderstood after seeing them together. Jasmine says that he can think it one more time. Fateh says that he always wants that Tejo will stay happy.

Udaariyaan 21st April 2022 Full Written Update

Tejo feels upset after seeing them together and remembers everything. She thinks that Angad Ji will become her life partner and will not think about Fateh. On the other side, Roopi asks to Satti about her behavior and says that everything was decided. Another side, Khushbir, and his wife are going to Tejo’s family. Khushbir thinks that he did a big mistake. Roopi also asks his mother if he doesn’t want to discuss this. She says that he doesn’t know the mother’s pain. Khushbir calls Roopi and he picks up the phone. Roopi and Khushbir meet each other.

Khushbir says that he didn’t need to do this at the function and maybe, he is taking a wrong decision. Khushbir apologizes to him and asks that give him her daughter. Roopi says that all the decision of his family was taken by the woman of the house. Roopi asks Khushbir that let this wedding begin in the sake of his family. Satti asks Roopi to think about it and Roopi goes from there.

On the other side, Tejo receives a call and the woman says that has she got the report? Tejo says that she didn’t get the report yet. Later, Jasmine gets the report and Tejo snatches it from her hand. Jasmine says that everything is fine and Tejo goes in her room. Tejo finds that she is pregnant and will have to talk about this first to Angad.

Another side, Angad is getting ready and picks up Tejo’s phone. Tejo asks him to meet her right now and he gets ready. Angad thinks that Fateh has come back. Satti asks where is she going and tells that she is going to another beauty parlor. Suddenly, Roopi stops Tejo and asks her where is she going? Tejo says that she is going to the beauty parlor. She asks Abhiraj if she will meet him in the hall. Roopi feels upset and maybe, he is worried about Tejo and Angad’s wedding. Tejo reminds his moments with Fateh. The Episode Ends.


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