The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Fateh and Tanya’s argument. Fateh says that she came here because she is the reason behind his brother’s death. Fateh’s mother asks about Tejo and she comes there. She lights up Diya and another side, Jasmine sees Amrik and her pictures. She gets upset and recalls her moment with him. Jasmine says that she will begin her new life from today. Another side, everyone prays for Amrik and Fateh cries when recalls his last words. Satti says that all these things will be donated by Jasmine.


Jasmine comes from upside and says that she is the reason behind Amrik’s death and if someone will die so, what will happen? Jasmine’s family asks him where is she going in this get-up? Jasmine says that she is going to begin her new life. She will become the same Jasmine Sandhu. Jasmine says that he martyred while saving Tejo. Mahi comes there and cries. Fateh’s mother says that everyone will have to become support each other. Jasmine goes there and Sandhu says that she got freedom after Amrik’s death. Another side, Tejo comes with Teacups and Mahi asks her to sit and have some.

Tanya says that she is going to make coffee for her as she doesn’t like tea. Everyone gets shocked and thinks that Tejo loves tea and today, she denies it. Fateh says that her habits have changed. Bojo asks Fateh to tell him everything and they can’t believe that Amrik is no more. Suddenly, Tanya comes there and asks Fateh to leave her in her family’s house. Fateh’s mother says that she will clear everything and apologize to her.

Khusbir says that he wants to see Fateh and Tejo together and will fix their marriage soon. Suddenly, Fateh and Tanya deny together and Fateh says that Amrik is just gone now and this is not the right time to talk about this. In their way, Fateh says that nothing will happen. Tanya says that she will quiet everything in the mid. Fateh leaves her to Sandhu’s house. Tanya says that she is not going inside alone because Tejo’s mother was looking at her like a scanner. Fateh says that they are good people and tries to call Jasmine. Fateh goes in the beauty parlor and Sweety asks her if she is good.

Another side, Tanya goes inside Sandhu’s house, and Jasmine picks up the call. Fateh says that Tanya has reached to the house and she even doesn’t know her room. Jasmine says that she is coming back in just a few minutes. Jasmine tells Sweety that Tejo is alone in the house and she needs her help because she suffered from the situation. The Episode Ends.



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