The episode starts with Gurpreet is calling Fateh and Dada Ji, Tejo and Mahi not to call him. Mahi says that Tejo and Fateh are in love now. Tejo and Fateh goes to a party and dance as well. Amrik says that Tejo has gone to meet Gippy. Fateh goes to pick her and couldn’t control seeing Jasmin and Gippy. Mahi says that he has fallen in love with Tejo.

Udaariyaan 20th July 2021

He says that Fateh can’t love anyone, he still loves Jasmin. A girl recognized Fateh as a boxer and praise him. Tejo sees this and smile. They got non-alcoholic drinks and says Thank you guys. They smile to see them and asks Tejo that you guys had a love marriage right? Tejo says that no it’s an arranged marriage. Fateh says yes it’s a love marriage and they laugh. A girl asks about the love story. Tejo says that tell them now about our love story. Tejo says that you are a good storyteller so please tell them.

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Tejo says that I am a lecture and I teach in a college, so I start to tell you a love story. She says  that I was on my way to college and some goons tried to trouble me and Fateh saved me from them. Tejo fell into the mud and Fateh throws her in the water to clean the dirt. She says that he saved me and protected me as well. I didn’t know I will fall in love with him one day.

The girl says that it means it that was love at first sight. Another girl asks Fateh did that happen to you also. He says no, but I gradually fell in love with her. Did she ask did you guys date before marriage? Tejo says no, my parents fixed my marriage somewhere else. The guy asks then you ran away with Fateh? Fateh said I was heartbroken and cried a lot.

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Our story is not like here and ranjha. Me here is strong and gives me strength. I never confessed my love to her but she still understood. She left the Mandal and came to me. Fateh visualize the scene that Tejo hugged him. Tejo says that now I feel like I am with him for a long time. A girl asks that is there any villain in your love story. Fateh thinks of Jasmin and gets sad.

Jasmin calls Sweety and says that I know Fateh is doing all this to make me jealous. Fateh and Tejo’s mobile phone are off and I need to know where they are. Fateh says that there was a villain. Her name is Chameli. Everyone laughs and asks what kind of name is this. He says forget about her now.

He says I am lucky that I have a wife like Tejo. Tejo smiles and feels loving about him. The girl says that love finds us itself. Tejo asks for a drink. Mami comes to Jasmjn and says that you haven’t eat well so please have milk. Jasmin says keep it aside I’ll have it later. Mami asks why are you upset.


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