ColosTV show, Udaariyaan has grabbed the massive attention of the viewers. Now, the upcoming episode begins with Fateh who talks to her mother. Fateh’s mother says that has he taken the decision? Fateh says that Yes, he will go far away from her life. He will stay from her always and maybe, it was all his fault. He cries in the nap of his mother and his mother says that maybe, this is better than he forgets Tejo. Another side, Tejo reads F in her hand and says that she needs the power to walk further in life and whatever she is going right.


She closes her window and on another side, Roopi sees Kundali of Roopi and Fateh. He remembers that Fateh hit Angad in front of all. Satti asks Roopi that is he well? Roopi says that he is worried about her daughter and he is still worried about her daughter. Maybe, something wrong will happen. At late night, Tejo think about Fateh and whatever he did with her. In the same rally, Fateh is also walking while thinking about Tejo. He prays to God that he could live from her always. He just wants another chance to say GoodBye to Tejo.

Suddenly, Fateh sees Tejo in the rally and says that he just wanted to see her one last time. Fateh and Tejo see each other and stop. He thinks that he can’t see her with someone else and therefore, he is going from her. He has seen his love and anger. She asks him to stay away from her life and goes from there. In the morning, Fateh’s mother says that he has taken his choice to keep away from him. Khusbir says that reality will definitely come in front of all.

Suddenly, Khushbir receives from Police Inspector and says that he is coming soon. His family members think that their dreams have been spoiled and another side, Tejo’s family is following all the rituals with them. She is still thinking about Fateh. Jasmine sees Tejo and thinks that why Fateh is not picking up the phone for the last night. Later, Satti comes in Tejo’s room and asks her that will she tell the reality? Is she happy with this marriage?

Satti asks her to leave her sadness and memories with Fateh in the house. She says that she doesn’t want to listen to his name. Fateh writes a letter for Tejo and says that he didn’t do anything wrong with her and will stay away from her. Roopi overhears Tejo and talks to her. The Episode Ends.


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