Welcome to know the perfectly written update of Udaariyaan of 1st October 2021 because we know that several people are eagerly waiting to watch it. The show is already very famous and always engages many people to watch the upcoming episodes of the show. The story already going on very well and entertaining everyone a lot.

Udaariyaan 1st October 2021

The recent story of the show was actually brilliant in which lots of turns and twists appear in front of everyone to amuse all the fans. Many people are continuously searching to know more information about the upcoming episode of the most prominent daily soup of Colors TV.

Talking about the upcoming episode, it begins with Mahi saying Fateh has come, Tejo got him Biji. On the other hand, Biji holds Tejo. When Gurpreet sees Fateh, runs to him and hugs him. He says how did he go and says that he didn’t think how he was living without him.

Fateh says don’t cry as he won’t go anywhere now. Suddenly, Mahi says he would have not eaten anything and then Fateh hugs her and Gurpreet. Khushbeer comes there and Tejo folds her hands to him. He says he stayed with this girl for a day and went to jail.

Tejo goes to her room and she recalls Fateh’s words. She closes the door of her room and sits down crying. She calls Buzo and says she want his help and then she asks him for a contact number of a lawyer. On the other hand, Fateh isn’t able to sleep and he goes to the kitchen to make noodles.

But, when he visits the kitchen, he recalls Tejo and leaves the pack of noodles. He recalls Tejo holding the noodles bowl and then he comes on the terrace. Tejo is also on the terrace and sees Fateh.

She asks him to sit as she won’t mind and then she further says that she was thinking he would be hungry. Fateh didn’t eat food well and then Fateh asks her why did she still care for him. She asks him to have noodles and says don’t worry, she can share noodles with him. She further says maybe this is their last noodles night as their best friends.

Yes, best friends or just friends as they are not husband and wife. Now, what will happen in the full episode is quite impressive to watch. You just need to stay connected with Colors TV to watch the full tonight’s episode of Udaariyaan at 7 PM.


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