Today, we are talking about one of the most anticipated daily soups in which the story engages millions of people all around the country. Yes, the name of the daily soup is Udaariyaan as the show is actually going on very well and entertaining everyone a lot. In the upcoming episode, Tejo thinking what’s happening and Angad dancing.

udaariyaan 1st november 2021

On the other hand, the people see the roosters racing and then Angad catches Gullu for dance. Then, he said Gullu had to win. Later, she goes and asks for Angad. On the other hand, Angad drinks Lassi and then Tejo says she is Tejo Virk.

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She says she had an appointment with him and then the manager says he thinks sir forgot again. He asks her to come with him and then asks her to sit. Then, Angad says his Gullu is clever and he doesn’t wear any gold and then he cracks a joke. Then he asks the manager to laugh first and then say whatever he trying to say.

Then, the manager says Tejo is here to meet him. Angad smiles and then he goes to ask her to say. Tejo says she has worked with Angad, not with the manager, she again says that she is Tejo Virk.

She further says that she came from Champion Academy and she has a meeting with him. After that, the manager says he is busy right now and not able to meet anyone. Tejo replies that he give her a time of 11 AM and it’s 12:15 PM then how much he is busy.

Later, the manager says that Tejo can tell anything to him as he is his special man. Tejo says why shall she tell him as she has worked with him. Then, he jokes, and then she says she is here to ask him about Mr. Maan.

After hearing this, the manager is quite shocked and then she further says he should know his staff is so useless. Then, he says sorry and asks her to wait in the office. He asks her for Lassi and then she denies and asks where is the office. The manager says that way and then she goes.

Now, what will happen next will be interesting to watch as there are a number of people who continuously waiting to watch the full episode of the show. Udaariyaan will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and you can watch it without any hesitation.


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