Currently. watchers just love to watch some interesting serial and Udaariyaan comes to the list as well. The serial has already gained a huge fan following among watchers and every single episode of the serial comes with a new twist. Well once again, the serial is all set to entertain the audience with new twists and turns. As we have seen in the previous episodes that Simran got married to Bojo after lots of efforts by Fateh and Tejo. Now, she will live with her kid, Candy in Bojo’s house with his family.

Udaariyaan 1st March 2022 Written Update

Along with this, the twists took a new turn in the last episode when Tejo and Fateh followed Jasmine and they found that she gave some money to an unknown man. Tejo took a picture but couldn’t identify the person.

Along with this, we also got to see that Fateh and Tejo were locked in the storeroom by the guard. They go out of the window. Guard sees them and the guard calls Jasmine and tells her that there was a girl and a boy who has run away.

Jasmine gets tense and says that if they will get to know about the person, it will ruin every single thing. On the other side, Fateh sees Tejo is bleeding and give her a bandage. Tejo sees him with love and she recalls her past. Fateh says that once they will take out Amrik from Jasmine’s trap, he will continue his life with her once again. Tejo says that until they can’t do anything. Fateh says that when he closes his eyes, he Amrik and when opens, he sees Tejo.

They both go to their home and finds Jasmine in the house. Jasmine thinks why are they watching her. Jasmine says that she will have to talk to them to know about this. Fateh asks her to whom she was giving money and Tejo shows the picture to her. Jasmine gets shocked and thinks that the face is not showing in the pictures. Jasmine says that she will always stay beside to her. Jasmine insults Tejo and says that she gave money to the brother of a widow’s woman.

Jasmine warns them not to interrupt between her. Jasmine takes the rope from the side and asks her to keep away from her. Tejo goes to another side and she sees Fateh standing on another side. Jasmine says that Amrik’s life is in her hand. Later, Tejo give befitting replies to Jasmine and says that she just wants to take revenge on Fateh. Tejo also warns her to stop these things unless she doesn’t have anyone to support. The Episode Ends.


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