The latest episode of Uddaariyaan is back with something special and entertaining. Well, the latest episode begins with Tejo who has decided to send Jasmine behind the bars while releasing Amrik because he was innocent and did not do anything as was shown. Meanwhile, She will try to spotlight the incident. Jasmine was present at the moment and was all planned by her. She made a plan to trap Amrik in this incident.

Udaariyaan, Today's Episode 1st February 2022

Because she well knew about this that only Amrik can help her rather than anyone. She took disadvantage of his nature and has been blackmailing him for doing such exploits so, no one could easily doubt her.

Along with this, Jasmine has been facing backlashes due to her exploits which is unveiled by Tejo then she started to give answers to everyone. She tells that Tejo is doing this because she doesn’t want to see her happy and therefore, she is accusing her.

Meanwhile, Tejo comes with the proves and asks Jasmine that now, she wants to say something. As Tejo shows to everyone, Jasmine got shocked because it was unexpected. Tejo did all the plans to trap Jasmine in this situation.

With this, Tejo stated that she knew the nature of her very well. She collected all the evidence with the help of the police department and now, any conspiracy will not work here. Angad Mann is also taking a side of Tejo because Jasmine also cheated them even know despite that both had a deal to ruin only Fateh but she overturned everything and started to spoil Tejo’s life. Because of this, Angad Mann had to trap Jasmine back into the plans while helping Tejo. He knew all the plans of her.

During her meeting, he analyzed her and this is the reason Angad is not coming to save her. Along with this, the previous episode of the serial showed Jasmine was too happy because everything was going on as her plans because Fateh came to the wedding venue with the entire procession and going to marry her a well.

But later, Tejo turned everything game by trapping her into their own conspiracy while revealing the evidence against her which made Amrik trap in her plan. Now. Jasmine has been arrested by police and sent into custody. Now, many more things are going to appear in the latest episode so, keep watching this.


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