The latest episode of Udaariyaan is coming with a high voltage drama and the upcoming twists of the serial is going to reveal lots of things. Many fans are excitedly waiting to watch that what will happen in the latest episode. Well, we have seen that Jasmine is going to play another drama against Tejo and Fateh so, their event of tie-a-knot will take place any at cost and because of this, Jasmine is going to play something evil. Jasmine still thinks that Fateh ruined her life and now, she is planning to send him to the same circumstances so, he could never face a relief in his entire life.

Udaariyaan Today's Episode 1st April 2022 Written Update

By taking a shade of Holi celebration, she has created a plan against Tejo and Fateh who are spending their quality time with each other. They both are drunk and celebrating their festival together. Along with this, Angaad is also thinking about his evil plans and planning to interrupt the celebration of Fateh and Tejo. He is also drunk and has taken his decision against them. He is thinking against Fateh because they both have been locked into a single room due to intoxication.

But, no one knows the situation of Fateh and Tejo because they don’t want to tell anyone about their situation. Because of their situation, Jasmine and Angaad is all set to trap them in her plans because they both want to separate them because he doesn’t deserve her. Another side, Jasmine says that she will turn this Holi festival into a bloody as she will play this festival with the blood of her enemies whose prime involvement is standing behind her ruined life. She says that when everyone will play with the colors, she will play with their blood. But she doesn’t reveal the name of her enemies besides taking the name of Fateh.

Maybe, Jasmine is going to plan something evil against Fateh and the situation is going as no one could doubt her. Along with this, fans are also waiting to watch the action of Angad as he is also planning some evil against Fateh which is bigger than Jasmine’s plan. Since the promos of the upcoming episode went viral on social media, viewers are too excited to watch the next episode in which many things will be revealed for the fans. Many viewers left comments on the promos and curiously asking the plans of Jasmine and Angad.

Some of the speculations are believing that they will be united for their plans as their motives are same but Jasmine hates Angad because of his behaviours. So, get ready to watch the upcoming episode of the serial.


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