Again, we are back with another great episode of Udaariyaan in which you will get some brilliant turns and twists. The upcoming episode begins with Tejo coming to Angad and saying what he is doing here. She says she wants to see him at his home and office. She further asks how did this happen as he is much hurt.

udaariyaan 19th november 2021 episode

she asks he had a fight with someone with whom and why. She further asks for the aid but he jokes and makes her smile. He says it is good that Tejo is applying ointment with her hands, she has become filmy now, tell him why was she crying in the morning.

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She remembers Jasmin’s words. She says leave it, it is not related to all these things. He asks if Jasmin has said anything to Tejo. She says when he understood then tell her how it happened. He says he fell down from the tractor. She asks him to find a good excuse as to who did it. He asks her to drink lassi. She asks Rajat who came here before me. Angad said no to Rajat. She asks Rajat if you love your job or not.

Rajat says yes sorry, Fateh came here, he had a fight with Angad. She asks why did he come, what is the matter. Tejo comes to Fateh and scolds him. She asks with what authority did you raise your hand on her fiancee. He asks did he come to you with a complaint.

She says you think he will do this, if she cries then what is your problem. He says he has no right to make you cry. She says just you have this right, you thought he made her cry and went to ask him, he should have asked her.

After that, he says he did what he felt right, and then she further asks why. She further asks why did he care when she cry or laugh and then she says him to stay away from her and her life. The upcoming episode of the show holds some major ups and downs in which Tejo and Angad talk to each other.

There are many people who are eagerly waiting to watch the upcoming episode in which all the stars appear in some great characters and give their best to entertain all the viewers. The episode of Udaariyaan that will be air tonight on Colors TV at 7 PM will very interesting and worth watching.


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