We are back with another episode of Udaariyaan that begins with Sandhu who says that she wouldn’t be his Tejo because if she is Tejo so, she doesn’t want to live separate from her family. Satti says that she is her Tejo and accepts her. Fateh says that she suffered in the last six months and Tejo hugs Roopi. Everyone feels happy as Roopi accepts her and kisses her forehead. Suddenly, Fateh’s mother says that Amrik told her before but he asked to promise to her don’t tell anyone. She asks about Amrik and where is he?


Everyone asks where is Amrik and Fateh’s mother searches for him. She says that everyone agrees and he will live with her wife in the house. Fateh and Jasmine cry and suddenly, Fateh broke and hugs her mother. He tells her that Amrik will never come back. He says that Amrik is no more in this world. She slaps her for saying this rubbish. She says that he has gone mad. She couldn’t control herself and got unconscious. Khushbir stands stunned. Later, she gets conscious and asks about Amrik and what happened with Amrik there?

Fateh tells her that Jasmine and Amrik were happy there and one day, they saw Tejo. She was called by them to London but Tejo misunderstood that there is something between Fateh and Jasmine. He also tells her that Angad had set fire. Angad tried to kill Tejo and she moved to London. Amrik asked her not to tell anything about this. He says that Angad tried once again to kill Tejo but he was saved but at the last time, Angad shot at Tejo but he came between them.

Tanya says that he lost his life to save her. Khushbir feels upset and recalls his son. Everyone gets upset and recalls their moment with Amrik. Tanya says that he saved her life. When Jasmine comes to console her, she pushed her back and says that just because of her, he died. She asks her to go from her life. Everyone cries and Tanya comes with Amrik’s asthiya. Everyone sees and Fateh gives it to her mother. She cries loudly. Later, Sandhu’s family goes from the house and suddenly, Fateh’s mother asks Tanya to stop there and they want to live with her.

Fateh asks Satti and Roopi so, Tejo can live here. They get agree and Tanya says that Jasmine is also going through a difficult time and she doesn’t want to see her face. Later, Biji asks Tejo to prepare a plate and she says how to make it. Fateh says she will handle everything and goes to the room. Fateh yells at her and she asks him to do it yourself and goes on the terrace. The Episode Ends.


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