The latest episode of Udaariyaan as of March 19, 2022, begins with Jasmine who writes a letter to Amrik. Another side, Fateh says that because of Jasmine’s criminal acts and mental harassment against Amrik, she should be in jail. Jasmine says to Amrik that Jasmine is his wife and Amrik replies that Yes, she is his wife and asks her to go out of the room. Jasmine shouts at Amrik and realizes that she is just imagining this. She reminds the word of Tejo and plans to tell everything to Amrik through a letter.

Udaariyaan 19th March 2022 Written Update

Whatever happened at that night, she writes everything in the letter and asks Amrik if it is possible to forgive her. Chameli keeps it in the book and put in on the sofa. While Tejo is talking to Fateh on call. Tejo tells him that she didn’t talk to him at the morning because Roopi was with her. She adds that she tells his father without his permission, she will not marry Fateh. He tells her that he doesn’t know what to do to get the forgiveness of Roopi.

Gurpreet comes into the Amrik room and finds something weird. He puts every single paper and throws it into the dustbin. He also pickup the book where Jasmine put a letter. Meanwhile, Fateh comes there and says that she was going to throw Amrik’s book. Fateh puts the book in Amrik’s room. Fateh receives someone’s calls and goes from there. Jasmine comes into her room and finds that there is no book. She thinks that Amrik has read the letter and he will forgive her. Later, Fateh notices whose bike broke down.

He asks her to drop and Tejo reminds the acceptance of Tejo but she gets angry and refuses to take his help. Fateh calls in his college and tells them that his bike has broken down so, he will get late. Fateh asks her to drop once again but she refuses him and Fateh says her sorry.

Suddenly, Fateh stops a person and asks him to drop Roopi to the mechanic. Roopi goes with the person. Fateh thinks that in sake of Tejo, he will have to apologize to her. Later, everyone congratulates Tejo for becoming head of the Department. Tejo also receives calls from Mahi and Virk. Tejo finds for Fateh but she doesn’t get him and feels sad. She thinks that why did he not congratulate her. Even, Angad congratulated her. Tejo leaves for college in auto.

She finds that the auto driver took the wrong cut. She stops him and asks where is he taking her. The auto driver stops the auto and leaves her in the deserted area. Fateh comes there and she scolds him not to congratulate her. Later, they both get romantic for each other. Amrik opens the book and shouts Jasmine’s name. She stands up to go to him and falls down. The Episode Ends.


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