We are back with the latest episode of the Udaariyaaan and viewers are excited to watch this amazing serial tonight. It will be interesting to watch the serial and the latest episode begins with Tejo and Fateh who is standing with each other and hugging. They are spending their quality time with each other.

Udaariyaan 19th February 2022 Written Update

Fateh says that they can’t stay here for a long time as Jasmine will be outside and if she will see this, she will slap. Tejo doesn’t want to leave him and when she is about to leave, Fateh holds her hand but she does from there.

Fateh feels her and stands there. He says that if it were a dream, he was still happy like this. He requests God to fulfill this dream. On the other side, Fateh reaches to the house and says that he is going shopping. Later, the episode will also show how Fateh’s team will reach to the ground.

Fateh thanks to Tejo and says that she is the best and Tejo says that if the team will win this match, the student’s parents will proud him. Behind the tree, Jasmine sees everything and says that his team can’t win the game. She gives money to another coach of the team.

She asks him that don’t let win the Ratan Singh coach. The coach says that he can’t do this for money and Jasmine shows a video of Fateh who is giving training to the students. She tries to provoke him and says that he is a new coach and if he will not do this, he will be soon an older coach of the college and Fateh will become a new coach. She says that his job will be finished.

Coach says that his image will be ruined and Jasmine says that he will handle everything and will also expose him in front of everyone that he did not give proper training to them. She asks him that on the day of the match, the man will not appear near the ground.

The coach gets ready to do this and Jasmine goes from there. On the other side, Fateh and Tejo reach outside the ground and say that he can’t be with his team unable to go inside. He wishes that his team will win this match.

Jasmine also reaches to the ground and says that his team can’t win today. Both teams come on the ground and Tejo sees the match. Fateh sees the match online and the rival team is winning. Fateh sees this and gets shocked. The Ratan Singh’s team is playing on zero and the National team is playing well. On the other side, Tejo sees this and gets tense. The Episode Ends.


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