We are back with the latest written update of Udaariyaan and the upcoming episode begins with twists where Tejo is sitting at the wedding function and everyone is waiting for Angad but he is kidnapped by Jasmine and others. While Fateh has come in the function with Qawali singers and waiting for a chance to meet her but everyone is present in the function and he couldn’t meet to her. Fateh sees Tejo and Roopi is waiting for Angad. He receives a message from Angad’s phone that he has struck in an urgent work and will come soon.

Udaariyaan, 19th April 2022 Written Update

But, the message was sent by kidnappers. Suddenly, Angad sees a beer bottle and tried to break it so, he could cut his rope by using the glass piece. He gets succeeds to break the bottle and picks up a piece of glass. Tejo remembers Fateh when a person asks her to whom name she wants to write on her hand. She talks to herself and says that she knows that she loves Fateh and could hide from anyone. Tejo says that she doesn’t want to live with her but loves her a lot.

Later, Jasmine comes to dance with Fateh who is in another get-up. He tells the person that he can write F word on her hand. She keeps remembering Fateh and also reminds her words. Satti comes to her and says that she can understand what is happening with her and take her matter seriously. Tejo says that once she get married to Angad and tolerates everything in her life but the pain will remain always.

Satti asks that is she happy with it and Tejo says Yes. Fateh sees her and on another side, Angad frees himself. He goes out of the house and finds the kidnappers there but hides. He runs away from there and other side, Satti says that mehendiI has left a mark in her hand. Suddenly, Tejo sees F on her hand and gets angry. Tejo goes in the washroom and Jasmine asks Fateh to go behind her as she goes in her room.

Jasmine says that this is the right time to meet her. Tejo tries to wash her hand and sees Tejo inside the washroom. Suddenly, Angad reaches to function and Jasmine gets shocked. Angad sees Ajmal Mia and Jasmine gets shocked. Angad says that he would like to meet Tejo and Jasmine gets worried. Fateh overhears Tejo and thinks that how did he behave with her. Fateh hears someone is coming and hides.

Angad comes there and asks Tejo to stop. Tejo tries to make him understand and says that she doesn’t want to remember his memories. Tejo cries and Fateh feels upset. Angad says that he can understand her and tries to calm her down. The Episode Ends.


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