The number of daily soups that are aired daily on television is huge but not every show gets much success. There are very few TV shows making memories among the audience. Today, we have one of the best daily soups named Udaariyaan as it is regularly collecting love and appreciation from the viewers.

Udaariyaan 18th October 2021

Every day, makers bring a genuine twist in the simple going story to make it more precious for the fans. Recently, the show is airing on Colors TV and making everyone curious to know more about it. The TRP of the show already remains on the top and the makers are very well maintaining the engagement of the audience.

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The upcoming episode of the show begins with Tejo scolding Jasmin. Tejo saying that she regrets that she come back to the academy as the boss of Fateh and Jasmin. After that, Fateh comes and asks we should start the Puja.

But, Jasmin says she doesn’t want to do the Puja and then Gurpreet says it’s Candy’s first Dussehra. Gurpreet further says that they have to take him and show how we burn the Raavan. After that, Mahi says they don’t have to go out of the house.

Later, Amrik reminds the childhood moment and makes everyone laugh. After that, Khushbeer says they have to wait for Fateh and Tejo to come back because Tejo is his boss now. The investor also put a condition that Tejo has to be available there. Jasmin comes and looks on. On the other hand, Fateh thanks Tejo and says that for him it is not important that Tejo is his boos, it is enough that she is here. Then, Biji and Nimmo say that Tejo is Fateh’s wife. After that, Fateh further says that the academy can’t run without her.

But, Tejo gives a very rude reply to him by saying that he is a misunderstanding as she doesn’t come to support him. She is here only for the condition of the investors. She further says that he was in jail and the entire family was worried. After seeing the family, she was upset and she care for the deal.

So, she is here only for the deal not for Fateh. So, it will be actually interesting to watch what will happen in tonight’s episode. Udaariyaan will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and you can watch the full episode without any hesitation.


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