We are back with the latest episode of Udaariyaan that begins with Jasmine who is thinking about Amrik. Fateh asks her why she didn’t pack her bags yet. Jasmine says that she doesn’t want to go back and the matter was different if Tanya was going with her back. Her family will curse her and says that she can’t face his family because of her condition. Another side, Mahi’s friend goes for coffee and her friend says that she is not going in a public place because someone will wrong think about her.


She sees someone is recording a woman’s video and Kulwinder says that he didn’t viral her video and for those who did this, she can do anything with him. Another side, Jasmine says that Fateh should not go because they can’t face anyone. Suddenly, Jasmine sees Tanya outside the room and Fateh gets shocked to see her with her bags. Fateh asks what is she doing here? Tanya says that she came here to become Tejo. She says that she is helpless. Jasmine tells that she went to Tanya and tried to make her understand.

Jasmine hugs her and says that no one will think wrong about her if she will go with them. Tejo says that she doesn’t know anything about their family. Jasmine says that is he not happy? Fateh says that this is fine. Another side, Mahi comes to the kitchen and asks what is made Dahi Bhale? Fateh calls the Sandhu family to Virk’s house. Sandhu asks Satti to go with them there. Everyone leaves for their house and Fateh reaches Punjab Tanya says that she is feeling united.

Jasmine says that she is not coming back to the house and he should go with Tanya. Fateh asks that is she has gone mad? Jasmine says that she can handle everything and Fateh says that he can’t handle everything alone. Tanya says that she knows much about Tejo but if something wrong will happen? Fateh says nothing wrong will happen if she will remain quiet. Sandhu and Virk’s family feels happy to each other. Fateh, Jasmine, and Tejo rush to the house and they feel upset.

Everyone reaches to Virk’s house and they stand up. Tejo goes in the garden and sees the house. They walk inside the house and see everyone. Everyone gets shocked after seeing Tejo. They see each other and Fateh’s mom says that since she went from this house, everyone was disappeared. Tanya meets to everyone and Satti feels upset and cries. The Episode Ends.


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