We are back with the latest episode of Udaariyaan and the upcoming episode begins with Jasmine who asks about her phone. She finds her phone on the floor. Mahi says sorry to Fateh and he says that’s okay. Tejo says that when Fateh was checking his bags, so, he transferred every data from Jasmine’s cell phone.

Udaariyaan, 18th February 2022 Written Update

Fateh gets happy and checks his phone call list. He notices that without saving a number, Jasmine calls a number continuously. He finds that the numbers belong to any Tara. Tejo says that the number is known. She remembers that Jasmine took this name once.

Tejo says that he was the only man who was involved in the car accident of Amrik. Fateh and Tejo think that he is still alive and if it is true so, Amrik will be proved innocent. They take an oath to find out the person.

Tejo asks Fateh that did he remember the address of Tara. Fateh says that he just remembers the area. Tejo and Fateh go to that place and tries to find him. They find the house of Tara. They meet the wife of Tara. They ask her about Tara and Tara’s wife says that he ha died. They both get shocked.

Later, Tejo apologizes to her and gives her a number if she needs any help. The lady says that a woman comes from an NGO to help her. Tejo asks the name of the lady. The lady takes Jasmine’s name. They go and Jasmine comes out of her house.

She appreciates the lady for her role. She gives her money and she remembers that how her phone was unlocked. She also found the intentions of Tejo and Fateh. They both are in the car and Fateh says that the incident was true and Tejo says that Jasmine is selfish.

Fateh says that the incident took place because of Amrik. They can’t understand much about this. Tejo asks him to leave her to the college. Fateh gets upset after recalling his moments in college life. Fateh thinks that the Jasmine’s wedding will take place without any problem. Tejo says that the same will happen. Jasmine says to the family that she is preparing for the grand ceremony but Simran says No. Jasmine agrees.

Later, Tejo requested the principal to think about his decision over removing Fateh from the college. Students of the college also want that they want Fateh as their coach. The principal says that who will convince the parents of the students. Tejo takes this responsibility. The Episode Ends.


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