The upcoming episode of the show has begun with some major turns and twists. Yes, we are talking about Udaariyaan because it is actually going on very well. Many people are eagerly waiting to watch the full episode of the show that will be airing tonight. If you want to know some more details of the upcoming episode then you have to read this article. We are providing all the details of the upcoming episode as we know that there are several people continuously waiting to watch. The episode begins with Angad saying everything loves her a lot.


He further says that they all are happy with their engagement Tejo says they decided it well, maybe they think but Angad cuts her off and he says that Tejo and Fateh get together. Looks like Fateh. Angad says think again, he has no problem with this engagement, this family of yours cannot accept him. Then Gurpreet called him. He stops Tejo and says that she is leaving her most valuable thing here. On the other hand, Jasmin says she is acting cheap. After that, Fateh says they are also living together without marrying each other and then Angad says smile.

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After seeing activities of Angad, Mahi says he looks mad in love with Tejo but Simran says she doesn’t think Tejo loves him. Tejo further says that it’s very heartbreaking to love someone with a broken heart. She further says that Tejo wants her family to stay happy and this is why she is acting happy. On the other hand, Angad says if someone asks about him but he doesn’t know then call him as he will tell everything. When Tejo goes to Gurpreet, she says go out as she will see all this. Gurpreet denies and says he will make food for his future Son-In-Law.

He asks Tejo to tell him what he is like in the food. Tejo says he will like anything that he made for him as he has magic in his hands. Suddenly, Nimmo says he will get what he actually wants and says they both talked a lot. After that, she asks Tejo if she knows what he likes or not. if you want to watch the full episode then you just need to stay connected with Colors TV. The show will be going to air tonight on the channel at 7 PM. So, don’t forget to watch the full episode of Udaariyaan tonight.


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