The latest episode of Udaariyaan begins with Fateh who is shouting at Tejo and alleging that she was the reason behind his brother’s death. If she didn’t force him to catch Angad so, it did not happen with them and his brother was alive. He continuously shouts at her and says that because of her, Amrik has gone from this world. Suddenly, Jasmine comes there and Fateh says that she is not Tejo, she is Tanya. He says that their Tejo has died and she is not his Tejo as she looks like Tejo but she is not her.


He says that she didn’t think that she couldn’t think about this. Jasmine cries loudly and says that she doesn’t have anything even her husband. Tejo consoles Jasmine but Fateh warns her to stay away from his family. He asks her to go away from here and leaves with Jasmine. Suddenly, Tanya’s friend comes to her and asks about Amrik as she is thinking about Amrik. The man says that their mission has been completed and they haven’t found any record of them. The man gives her tickets and a passport to back to India.

The next morning, Fateh stands holding with Amrik asthiya and suddenly, Jasmine sits down. He says that she has to help him as he can’t do anything alone. Jasmine cries and Fateh consoles her. Jasmine says that no one will agree with this as she ran away to London with Amrik. Fateh receives a phone from her mother who says that she wants to see everyone in the house. She says that she is eagerly waiting to see Tejo and will apologize to her. Fateh cries on the call and stands silent.

Her mother asks him to give this call to Amrik and she forces him to give this phone to Amrik and she wants to talk to him. Suddenly, they hear the sound of Amrik’s frame that broke. She wants to see Tejo and says that she is video calling him. He stops her and Fateh says that he will call her back soon. Fateh says that how can he handle everything because when Amrik cut his hand and his mother got worried about him. Well, here are lots of things to share with the readers and maybe, the fans are also eagerly waiting to watch the next episode? So, get ready to watch the tonight’s episode on ColorsTV.


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