Again, we are back with another great and brilliant written update of the most prominent daily soup Udaariyaan. Now, the upcoming episode of the show begins with Jasmin hugging and thanking Fateh. After that, she says to Fateh that she got her life’s best surprise and she is feeling that she will die out of happiness.

Udaariyaan 16th September 2021

She further says that she will never die now as she wants to see Tejo and her plan after the divorce. Fateh goes from there and he puts the papers on the bed and then he goes to the washroom. He recalls Tejo’s words. On the other hand, Tejo cries in her room.

In the washroom, Fateh washes his face and starts crying. Jasmin dancing happily. Gurpreet also cries and asking Baba Ji why she doesn’t have her children’s happiness. Nimmo saying her and smiles. She comes to her and tells her to have courage and she says who will handle the entire family when she breaks down herself.

In the next scene, Jasmin says to Sweety that Fateh will be going to take a divorce to Tejo and then Sweety asks her if he will marry Jasmin. Jasmin says yes, he will definitely marry her.

Along with it, Jasmin also says that she is very happy and she wants to celebrate the moment. Jasmin says that she is going to the shopping mall with Sweety. Fateh asks her why did she is going to the shopping mall at this time. She replies that there is a sale and everyone gets upset with her.

Not only this, but she also says that he won’t stop her and she leaves from there. On the other hand, Khushbeer says once the divorce happens then the gossip will also increase and many people start talking about the incident.

Biji says that they don’t let this divorce happen because if the divorce will happen then the slander of the family will make everyone’s head down in front of society. Now, the upcoming episode of the daily soup will actually enhance the craze among the viewers to watch the complete episode in which the makers will showing very genuine turns and twists.

Udaariyaan’s upcoming episode will be going to air tonight only on Colors TV at 7 PM. So, don’t forget to watch the complete episode of the daily soup that will be going to air tonight.


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