Here we are back with the latest update of Udaariyan. This serial is very interesting and entertaining. It is running well with great TRP on the television. This serial is very famous and popular among people. According to the promo video, this episode starts with Fateh asking Tejo where she was, he was looking at her like, Why she did not come to the hospital. She asks. Fateh cries and says that Amrik left them. She says that she is sad about his brother’s death and she can forget that he passed away after saving her. Fateh asks who she is saying. She says that she is not Tejo. She says that she needs to give him another piece of bad news, Tejo is dead.

She is just her lookalike. Fateh asks who she’s. She says that she is Tanya Gill and the Punjab police sent her here to solve Tejo’s case. Her duty ends here because Tejo’s killer gets caught. She gets ready to leave. Fetch holds her and says that she is Tejo. She repeats again she is no Tejo. Fetch yells that it is not to joke. Tejo says that she is joking. Fetch shouts that he will not hear her rubbish anymore. He says he got punished for hurting her: he lost his brother who is like his son. she tells that she is not lying. Fateh declines to believe her. He says that she taught him the value of relations and asks why she is making fun of it.

He says her to say that she is Tejo. He cries and hugs her. She says him to behave and says that the truth is that She is Tanya Gill and she knows to value the relations and for that sake, she needs to pose as Tejo. She says him to accept the fact. She says that she had a job to do it. Fateh asks if she is Tanya and where is the Tejo. Tanya says that Tejo has passed away in the fire accident and it’s better to accept it. Fetch says that he can not able to accept it.

He says that he felt Tejo’s presence when he has come to London. He felt the peace and was able to sleep peacefully after months. He asks what all this is. Tanya says that maybe it’the happiness or peace to find Tejo’s killer. Tanya says that she used to be a simple Punjabi girl, but one day she had to seal money from her office and she was caught. She got arrested and got three years of jail. The episode ends here, so tuned for more updates.


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