Today’s episode starts with Tejo, Satti, and Bebe where they are thinking about Fateh. Ruby is upset with Jasmin and says that she is ruining Tejo’s married life. Rupy says that she will do something to save their marriage and asks Jasmin to leave the house. Tejo is sleepless as she was worried about Fateh and their marriage. Jasmin asks Rupy if she is getting punished for doing this. Rupy says whatever is this but you have to follow what I said. She says that we all want peace in our lives. Fateh got a shower and Tejo

Udaariyaan 16th June 2021

gives him lemon water. Jasmin refuses to go to Mama’s house then Satti says that this would be suitable for all of us. Satti scolds her to meet Fateh and asks her to leave the house now. Jasmin argues with her and says that she just wanted to talk to Fateh. Then Fateh asks Tejo to give him breakfast and he complaints that tea is not good. Tejo says that he doesn’t like what she makes. Fateh says that this is his home and he will eat the food he likes and he orders food for himself. Jasmin refuses to

leave the house and says that she will never let Tejo and Fateh live happily as they married under family pressure. She says that Fateh still loves her and she will get him back. Fateh asks the delivery man to get the food fast as he is hungry. Tejo comes to his room and asks him to have food that she cooked. Fateh says that he will play video games till his food arrived.

She provokes him and says that he will not be able to play the video game without her. He asks her to get into the competition. Tejo plays with him and wins the game.

Preeto says to Jasmin that Fateh loved her and she didn’t accept his love so we asked him to marry Tejo. Now he is happy with Tejo and stays out of their married life. Jasmin says that she has seen the love in Fateh’s eyes and he will leave Tejo one day.

She says that Fateh will not let her go to Mama’s house. Jasmin calls Fateh but his number was switched off. Jasmin says once Fateh will come to know that she has gone to Mama’s house he will definitely come to take her. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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