So once again the most entertaining serial is back with numerous twists and turns in the story. Yes as you know the serial Udaariyaan is one of the most entertaining and TRP achiever serials of the current period. The serial has millions of fans around the nation and continuously rising with great numbers.

Udaariyaan 15th September 2021

The upcoming episode is almost here and going to serve an extremely well story that will entertain you beyond your expectations. So let’s begin the article to get all the updates about this latest and fresh episode of this serial.

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According to the promo, the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will start with Fateh when he saying that he is going and leave the place. Jasmin immediately responds and tries to stop him, She says stop and just wait for a few minutes, please.

She tells him that he can stay in this room if there is no other room available to stay. You can sleep here without any hesitation. You can sleep with me I will don’t mind.

Fateh says I can’t sleep in the same room. She says I did not tell you to sleep on the same bed but we can sleep in the same room at different places. She says I know and i respect elders. Both get into arguments and shouts at each other. Later they stay in the same room and Jasmin successfully stops him in her room.

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Gurpreet comes and recalls his words. He sees her and stops her. She asks how can you do this, you got Jasmin back. He asks her to understand her heart. Now it is important to sort the problem and make both comfortable. She says I saw a bad dream again that no one likes me and hates me.

I am getting worried because if the dream turns into reality then I can’t live like this. While on the other side, Nimmo sees Jasmin and tells her some things. She taunts her and after this Jasmin getting sad. She tells her some things about Fateh. Khushbeer likes prasad and Jasmin also gets prasad. She prays to god to sort everything.


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