One of the most prominent daily soups is going on actually very well. Many people are continuously searching to know some more details of the upcoming episodes. If we talk about the beginning of tonight’s episode then it begins with Tejo. An Inspector asking Tejo to come outside the jail as there is no charge on her anymore.

Udaariyaan 15th October 2021

Tejo asks him what happened, did the inspector take the complaint back. After that, Inspector says no, someone else took the blame for her. When Tejo comes out of the lockup, she sees Fateh with the handcuffs. She starts crying and asks Fateh why did he do this and why.

In reply to her, Fateh says there is no need to say anything to do anything. He further says that he knows, it is not her mistake and he can’t stay silent and die in guilt. After that, he says he shown the papers to the lawyers and he confirmed that she is not a partner in the academy anymore.

He says Jasmin is his partner and it is not her fault. Tejo should not do this and Papa Ji’s respect is already ruined and if Tejo goes to jail for the fraud then the respect of the family will get more defamed.

After that, he says it’s better that he go to jail instead of the Bahu of the family. Then, he says the truth is he is the real culprit and then the inspector put him in the lockup and Tejo leaves from there. On the other hand, Abhiraj says that Fateh has accepted the crime because he is the owner of the academy and Tejo has nothing to do with it.

After hearing this, everyone worries and Jasmin scolds the lawyer. Later, Abhiraj further says that Fateh took the entire blame and freed Tejo from the fake case. Jasmin argues with him.

Later, she also scolds Tejo for sending Fateh to jail. After that, Rupy asks did she has gone mad and asks her to leave Tejo. Then, Gurpreet asks Tejo to get Fateh back, and then Simran hugs her. After hearing this, Tejo says nothing is in her hands and then Simran says she knows everything about the academy, helps Fateh, and brings him back.

But, Khushbeer says Tejo won’t help him as Jail is the right place for him. Now, what will happen next in the story is actually interesting to watch. Udaariyaan will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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