Today’s episode starts with Jasmin hugging the shirt and suddenly Tejo calls her to come out. Jasmin rushes to hang the shirt that falls in the laundry bag. She comes out of the bathroom and asks Tejo why you were calling me out. Jasmin says that everything happen for a good cause. And now you will choose what is good for me. Jasmin says that now you will come with me for shopping and everything will be of your choice. Tejo says no. Everything is not of my choice. Jasmin smiles and says why are you saying this and everything will be time as time heals everything. I want to see you happy with Fateh. Tejo asks her to wait as she needs to change. Jasmin says I am waiting for you outside.

udaariyaan 15th july 2021

Jasmin goes out and sees that Amrik is sitting there. She says that I am here to take Tejo shopping. He says that maa and papa will get upset to see you here. She says that my family is also angry with me and that want me to get married to Gippy even if I am happy or not. You just send me the number of DJ. Fateh comes home and asks Tejo to give him food.

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Amrik says that Tejo is not at home, she is out shopping with Jasmin. Fateh asks Gurpreet to give food. Amrik teases Fateh and claps for him and says that how could you act so cool. Fateh

asks him what is wrong now. Amrik says I wanted Jasmin to come home as your wife. Fateh asks him not to call her name. Amrik says that you can make everyone fool but not me. I have seen in your eyes that you still love her. You move on with Tejo but this is not easy for Jasmin to move on.

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But now she wants you to be happy with Tejo. Fateh recalls Jasmin and finds his shirt in the laundry bag. He picks the shirt and recalls the fragrance of Jasmin’s perfume. He gets angry and put the shirt in the cupboard. He unblocks Jasmin’s number and cry for her. Jasmin got happy that Fateh unblocked me.

Tejo asks her why are you happy. Jasmin says that Fateh is coming back. Tejo asks if she said anything. Tejo says I am happy to see you happy. Fateh calls Tejo and asks if she is done with shopping. She says that it will take me some time to finish. I will see you at home. He asks where are you, did you have food.

He says I am not at home, I’ll come to the market to pick you. She says that I am with Jasmin and you don’t like to see Jasmin. Jasmin sees Fateh and smile. Tejo keeps all the bags in the car. Gippy comes to see Jasmin in the market. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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