The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan is all set to entertain the audience. As of February 15, the episode is all set to entertain the watchers once again after the last twists and turns in the serial. The latest episode begins with Roopi and she is cursing Jasmine that she will never get happiness in her life.

Udaariyaan 15th February 2022 Written Update

Chameli goes from there and Tejo asks his father to calm down. Roopi asks sorry to Khushbir to get a daughter like Jasmine. Jasmine also hears some voices from her room. She reminds the words of Roopi and shouts.

Amrik comes to her and asks her to calm down. Jasmine asks how can Roopi behave with her like this. He says that Tejo called him to insult her. Jasmine also asks Amrik why is he helping her? Amrik says that she is his wife and Jasmine replies that all these things are lie.

Jasmine adds that he is scared of her. He says that Yes, but this is also right that she is his wife. He suggests her to forget her past and start a new life. She shouts after remembering her insults. She asks him to go out and cries.

She decides to separate Tejo and Fateh. On the other side, Tejo is also crying after remembering what happened. She asks Fateh why did he come here and Jasmine will create a drama. Fateh asks her to calm down and Jasmine always insults everyone and can never do anything.

Along with this, Tejo takes an oath to find out the proof from Jasmine’s room. Fateh says that Jasmine is always present in her house. Fateh says that to whom she hated the most. Tejo says that she hates them. Fateh thinks and says that he needs family at this time.

Jasmine talks to Sweety on call. Meanwhile, she listens to music and goes out of the room. She says that Fateh and Tejo are dancing in her room. Jasmine comes to Fateh and stops the music. She says that he can’t play the music as it is a new rule for her. She asks that is he going for get ready?

He reveals that he is going on date and Chameli goes from there while laughing. On the other side, Tejo is also getting ready and Jasmine asks her that is she really going on date with Fateh? Fateh comes there.

Jasmine thinks that what are they doing. Jasmine says that they can’t talk to each other. Jasmine says that they can’t talk to each other and they both talk through text messages. Jasmine sees this by sitting on the sofa.

She is about to leave but Fateh starts to talk about Valentine’s day. There is no details about Mahi and Simran. Tejo asks him to check this. After all the drama, Amrik tells Tejo that Jasmine called the police. Fateh sees them from the window. The Episode Ends.


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