We are back with the latest written episode of Udaariyaan and the show currently revealing lots of amazing twists and turns which is capturing big attention of the audience. Most of the watchers have been waiting to watch the next episode. We have seen lots of things in the earlier episode that Tejo is upset to create a fake happy couple with Angad.

Udaariyaan, 15th December 2021

She doesn’t want to attend any single party as a fiancee of Angad. Angad asks her to go to the house party and meet his fellow friends. He also says to her that it will be a good chance for her.

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Tejo was already fed up with the fake drama of engagement. Angad want to show her reality but everyone knows that she loves Fateh. He respects her feeling for Fateh. Fateh talks to Buzo and tells that he always misses his family. He asks Buzo to show the Virk, family.

He says that he is just repenting by staying away from his family. Fateh gets upset after seeing Simran and Gurpreet on the call. He learns that because of him, his family is suffering and gets disappointed.

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Tejo gets to know that she can’t move ahead with someone else and she only loves Fateh and can’t forget him. Tejo prays for him and on the other side, Fateh also prays for Tejo and thinks about her. Tejo and Fateh pray for each other.

Now, the latest episode begins with the Destiny game given by Sharma to Fateh, when a letter was received by Tejo and Angad at their Shimla house. On the other side, Fateh drives to the Mann Villa and he is totally unaware that the Villa belongs to Angad and Tejo is with him. Fateh comes with a big gift at her house. Tejo and Fateh feels a strange presence of each other at the same place but fails to see.

They can’t understand that why it feels always like he/she is with her them. Tejo assumed that Fateh must be in Canada and thought that she can’t accept Angad in her life. Fateh and Tejo remember their memories of each other. They both don’t want to move on. Later, R. R Sharma offers a driving job to Fateh where he gets ready for this.

On the other side, Jasmine hires a detective to find Tejo. Well, it is believed that before Tejo and Fateh meet to each other, Jasmine will reach to Tejo. When Tejo will see Jasmine in India, she will get shock because she thinks that Jasmine and Fateh is living in Canada.


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