Here is some exciting news for all the fans of Udaariyaan where lots of things is about to take place and soon, everyone will be cleared for all the watchers. We have seen how Roopi asked Angad to marry his daughter and gave her hand to his hand. Angad says that he will obey him and get agree for this marriage. Fateh saw this and went from there. Roopi said to Angad that after knowing everything, he agreed for this marriage and he supported his family’s reputation.

Udaariyaan 15th April 2022 Full Written Update

Jasmine knew that Angad is behind everything and Angad says that he will manage everything in two days and he doesn’t need to take the tension of this. Tejo went from there and Jasmine followed her. Jasmine asked Tejo what is she doing? She sacrificed everything for her father. Tejo alleged Fateh and said that she and Fateh can’t unite. Tejo and Fateh suffer the same situation. Jasmine came to Fateh and said that he did this but Fateh said that he didn’t do anything. Jasmine said that he also did with him when he burnt her passport. They both said that Angad Mann did this.

Suddenly, Fateh saw Angad Mann and hit him in front of all. Angad said that he didn’t do anything wrong with Tejo. They came into a heated argument and Jasmine said that he is getting happy after seeing this. Jasmine says that they will find a proof of this. Fateh says that no one could separate them and will bring the Baarat to her house. Now, the upcoming episode will reveal lots of things for the fans where we will get to see that Fateh gets a proof against Angad Mann.

Now, he has found the person whom Angad had bribed for all his wrongdoings. Along with this, it will also be important to watch how Fateh will prove himself right in front of Sandhu’s family? Will he succeed to stop the marriage of Tejo and Angad? Later, Jasmine shows concenrs and tells him about the evil plans of Angad. Fateh decides to go through Tejo’s sangeet function to enter the Sandhu house and meet Tejo before wedding takes place.

While eating, Tejo stops as she is still hurt with the incident. Angad comes to the Sandhu’s house to take care of Tejo. Along with this, Angad reveals to Jasmine that he is keeping his eyes on what is she doing? Also, Jasmine says that she is aware of his all the tricks against Fateh and Tejo. The Episode Ends.


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