Here we are back with the latest episode of Udaariyaan. This serial is very famous and popular among people. It is going well with great TRP on television. This serial is very interesting and entertaining. According to the promo video, Udaariyaan starts with Tejo and Jasmin suddenly going missing from the house. No one of the Virk family knows about the discussion that took place between the sisters. Jasmine requested Tejo to keep Dara’s secret and not let her miss everyone’s true love which she has won after the accident. Here we have more information related to the episode, and we will tell you in the article, so keep reading.

Udaariyaan 14th March 2022 Written Update

She has promised Tejo that she will do anything. It proves that she is stepping toward a reformation. Tejo takes a decision to help Jasmine come out on the right way. She thinks it very difficult to hide the truth from Fateh but agrees to her pleading sister, she really wants to start her new journey with Amrik.

Tejo also knows that Amrik fell for jasmine and behoove hapiness. She asks Jasmine to prove that she s really good to accept the Virk family. Then Tejo takes Jasmin to the lawyer, and they make the papers of the house property. The family got worried when no one could find Tejo. Virks starts to go out for looking at Tejo.

They decide to give a birthday surprise to Tejo, Just like Sandhus, who expects when she will come home after 7 days of challenges. Sandhu’s also worried when he knows that Tejo is not at the Virk home. Navraj tells Rupy that Tejo and jasmine missed for some time, and even the Virks are worried and he is searching for them. He tells Mahi informed that Tejo and Jasmin aren’t t home. Rupy and her family look for Tejo. and they are worried that she is safe or not. Because they don’t believe in Jasmine. They fear that Jasmine can harm Tejo.

On the other side, Jasmine and Tejo come back home with good news for the Virk family. Tejo tells Khushbeer that Jasmine has been decided that she will return the half share of the house property to Khushbeer, which she has taken unfairly. She gives the papers to Khushbeer along with the ownership right. Khushbeer blesses Tejo for gifting them the lost pride.

Tejo says to Khushbeer and her family to forget whatever jasmine has done and accept her. Khushbeer blesses Jasmin to stay happy and accepts her positive change. Jasmin apologizes to the family for troubling them so much. Jasmine thanks Tejo for all. So don’t forget to watch today’s episode of Udaariyaan. Stay tuned for more updates.


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