Today, we are going to talk about one of the most prominent daily soups, Udaariyaan. Everyone knows that the show is already going on very well and entertaining everyone a lot. Now, the TRP of the show already going on very well and entertaining everyone a lot.

uddariyan 14th december 2021

The madness among the audience to watch the upcoming episodes of the show is very high. Many people eagerly waiting to watch the full episode of the show that will be going to air tonight. If you want to watch the upcoming episode then you just need to wait a while for some time.

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Talking about the upcoming episode then it begins with Tejo thinking of Fateh and she felt Fateh was there. But, she realizes that he wasn’t there because he is in Canada. He feels that he has no right over his remembrances. He defines himself from thinking about her. Tejo always looks as if she has seen Fateh, but in vain. Fateh meets Mr. Sharma and returns the wallet to him.

Sharma welcomed him. Sharma was overjoyed to learn that Fateh had come from Gurdaspur to return the purse. He finds Fateh really trustworthy and offers him something. He asks Fateh if he accepts the offer. Fateh nodded her head in response.

Tejo goes to meet Sharma, who also knows Angad. Angad introduces Tejo as his fiancee. Angad is still lying to the world about his fake arrangement with Tejo, only with the hope that the fake affinity turns into a real one.

Angad wants Tejo in his life. He has demonstrated to her many times in the past that he wants her to come into his life and family, but Tejo is unable to move forward forgetting Fateh. Tejo thinks Fateh is around. She searches for him and eventually gets to see him again, while he is talking to Sharma.

Earlier in the show, Jasmin gets to know about her new client. She takes the picture and finds Angad in the background. She finally tracks down Angad’s location and tells her that Tejo will also be with Angad. She will also find out about Fateh. Now, the upcoming episode of the show will hold some major turns and twists that entertain everyone a lot. So, if you want to watch tonight’s episode of Udaariyaan, it will be actually very interesting to watch.


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