Today, we are back with another great written update of the most prominent daily soup, Udaariyaan. As we already know that the show is actually getting much attention from the audience and entertaining everyone a lot. The upcoming episode of the show begins with Fateh.

udaariyaan 14th august 2021 written update

He getting a call from Jasmin and when he picks the call, Jasmin asks him what is the time right now and when we will be going to meet today. After hearing this, Fateh sees his watch and then replies that we will meet today at 4:00 PM because before 6 PM he has to go home.

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Then, Jasmin says Okay and cuts the call. In the next scene, viewers will see that Jasmin saying to herself that Fateh will see what will she is going to do. The scene cuts here and then Tejo appearing who getting ready for meeting with Fateh.

At the same time, Fateh tries to call Jasmin but she can’t pick his call that makes Fateh tensed. On this side, Tejo dressed up very beautiful for meeting with Fateh and thinks to call Fateh. In the next scene, Jasmin leaves a message that completely shocked Fateh when he reads it.

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In the message, Jasmin writes Aakhiri Mulakat that enhances the tension of Fateh. Fateh is completely shocked and can’t be getting any idea that what will he do in this situation. But, he starts his car and went to find Jasmin. At the same time, Tejo calls Fateh but he can’t pick her call.

Now, Tejo thinks about Fateh and guessing that maybe he is busy because he is not picking her call. Fateh madly searching Jasmin because of her letter and the suspense created by the makers is actually very engaging. The promo of Udaariyaan of 14th August 2021 will ends here and every fan is waiting to watch the thrilling episode of the show.

Now, the story of the show already going on very well, and everyone wants to watch further episodes of the show. As we recently watched that Fateh reveals to Tejo about his affair but he didn’t disclose the name of the girl. Even after hearing all this, Tejo can’t believe that Fateh has an affair with someone.

When Tejo meets Jasmin to talk about this, Jasmin handles the situation and makes Tejo believes that Fateh tells everything in his anger. Now, the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be actually very fabulous to watch that will be going to heats up the entire atmosphere on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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