The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan going on actually very interesting in which the family has been already found the truth behind Candy and Simran. Now, Khushbeer is upset with Tejo as well. He is angry at her because she hides the truth and plays a trick to meet Candy with the family.

udaariyaan 13th october 2021

The upcoming episode begins with Tejo asking Khushbeer to accept the Laxmi of the House. Khushbeer says if she thinks that he will accept and forgive her then this can’t happen. He further says that he will never forgive her and even never accept her child as well. After hearing this, Jasmin smiles.

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On the other hand, everyone cries. After that, Jasmin asks what did Tejo do now as she hides a big truth from Uncle Ji. Not only this, but she even brought Candy home but then Tejo says her to not interfere in between. But, Khushbeer says she is right as he regarded Tejo as a daughter but what she did, she made fun of his love.

Tejo holds his hands and says it’s not like that as she confirms that she bring Candy home thinking blood will identify blood. She thinks that a daughter will get her love with her family. She asks what wrong did she do.

She further tells that if she says everything before to the family then this connection between Khushbeer and Candy will not happen. Tejo says she just wants everyone to feel that attachment with Candy. After that, Fateh also says that Tejo is right at least to listen to her once.

Jasmin says did he gone mad as to how can he support a lie. Fateh yells at her and asks her to shut up. Jasmin did not hear him and says that she did all this intentionally as it’s her scheme to bring Candy home and stay with him here at night.

Jasmin further says that everyone trusts her but what she did for the family. After that Rupy gets angry but Satti stops him. Jasmin taunts Tejo but Fateh asks her not to say anything if she doesn’t know anything. Gurpreet says forgive Simran as she begs Khushbeer and then Dada Ji and Biji also asks him to forgive her.

Fateh also says that Simran is the daughter of this house and Candy is also here. Now, what will happen next is actually interesting to watch. Udaariyaan tonight’s episode will be airing on Colors TV on 13th October 2021 on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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