We are back with another great and brilliantly written update of the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan. Everyone knows that the show is widely famous in the television industry and creates a huge sensation every time when the makers come with new episodes.

Udaariyaan 13th November 2021

The episode always comes with some great turns and twists in which all the characters give their best to make the entire show very precious for the audience. The upcoming episode begins with Tejo is at the academy. Someone in the academy asked her for a refund and then Angad comes and pushed him.

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After that, Angad says him to stay away and learn manners. The man asks him who is he as the man paid the money and then Angad says that he is the partner and if he pays the money for his useless son to become capable then why he is demanding the refunds. After hearing this, the man says he will see him and he goes from there.

Then, Angad asks Tejo if she is fine. Tejo replies that if he is thinking that she is a woman and she needs the protection of a man. She further says that he doesn’t need to talk in between both of them as Tejo is also handling him.

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Then, Angad says if he hurt her then sorry but he is like that as he can’t control his temper when any person scolds a woman without any reason. After hearing this from Angad, Tejo murmurs that his personality makes Khushbeer and Rupy think so.

Angad then asks if she says anything but Tejo denies and he goes from there. On the other hand, Rupy says don’t get disheartened as it’s the lord’s wish. She further says that she knew very well that Tejo will not agree with this marriage.

After that, Khushbeer says she needs time to forget the things that happened to her but she just want to see her happy and Fateh to realize his big mistake. Rupy says it’s her greatness, she is thinking so much for Tejo and then Khushbeer says she is her daughter also.

She further says that Fateh and Jasmin are ready to get married and they are unable to do anything except pray. So, what will happen next in the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be worth watching and everyone is eager to watch the full episode in which some major turns and twists are ready to take place.


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