Many fans are eagerly waiting to watch the next episode of Udaariyaan which is going to be more entertaining and it will be interesting to watch what will happen next. As we have seen in the previous episodes Tejo got to know about Angad’s reality and she went to Fateh without telling Angad that she knows everything. Angad tries to find out her everywhere but he didn’t get her. He finds that she knew everything after he went to the washroom and left his phone on the table and maybe, Tejo read the message.

Udaariyaan 13th May 2022 Written Update

Another side, Tejo went to Fateh and tells him that she believes in him because Angad was trying to kill her and she didn’t get to know about this. Jasmine and Amrik met them and says that they are going India back tonight and Amrik booked tickets. Jasmine asked them to have something and then, they will have to make a plan to reveal Angad’s reality. Tejo and Fateh sits together on river side and creates a plan to reveal Angad in front of all. Tejo says that she will go back to him and tries to find out the reality. Fateh asks her to forget everything and they will have to go back to India.

Tejo says that she can leave him like this who tried to take her life and because of this, she lost his child. Now, the latest episode begins with Amrik, Tejo, Jasmine and Fateh. They try to save Tejo from Angad and Angad shoots at Tejo but suddenly, Amrik comes between Tejo and Angad and he shot. Police arrest Angad and they call for Ambulance. He is taken to the hospital as soon as possible and Fateh says that he is with him. They rushed to the ambulance and finds Amrik in critical condition.

Tejo takes her step back from Ambulance and realizes that everything happened because of her. Amrik talks to Fateh in the ambulance and says that she said that he will save Tejo and Fateh veera will have to take her back to India. Suddenly, Amrik closes his eyes and they reach the hospital. Fateh says that everyone will go back to India and he will be fine. Amrik says I Love Yo Jasmine and Jasmine breaks and cries. So, what do you think? Will Amrik’s story end here? Will Tejo never come back to Fateh and Jasmine? Many more things are yet to happen in the upcoming episode so, get ready to watch it tonight.


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