Get ready to watch a very interesting episode of the most prominent television show named Udaariyaan. Now, the madness among the audience to watch the exceptional television show is very high and millions of people are eager to watch it. As all of us know that the story already going on very well and amusing all the audience a lot. If we talk about the ongoing story of the show then it already shows a very brilliant part of the story. Now, The upcoming episode of the show will begin with Jasmin. She is saying that she regrets that she didn’t hear anyone.

Udaariyaan 13th July 2021

She further says that everyone explained her and she left Fateh and she is moving on. After hearing this, Tejo says that Fateh and she are best friends, they both spend time with each other, they talk, they laugh, even they fight, but this is a starting of a relation. Just after that,

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Tejo gets Fateh’s call and he says that he is not finding his best friend. He further says that he is not able to find his headsets but she replies that he lies as it’s in front of him. He asks her that how did she know without even see him.

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But she replies that she knows him and understands him very well. They both do a long conversation with each other. After that, Tejo asks why didn’t Gippy call her. Jasmin says yes and she further says that she told him not to disturb her.

Tejo says that he is a good guy, handsome, and sensible. After hearing this, Jasmin says that he is not Fateh and she further says that only Fateh is in her heart. She further says that there is no one like Fateh and you would also know it.

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Tejo Nods, and says that you have a new life with a new start and you have to hide your past. Not only this, but she says that no one’s life is perfect rather you have to make it perfect. The story of the television show is actually going on very well.

Now, Udaariyaan is the new and most entertaining television show that airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and everyone is eager to watch the exceptional and mind-blowing episode of the show.


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