Today, we are back with another great episode of Udaariyaan that will be going to air tonight. The episode will be actually quite interesting to watch because many people are eagerly waiting to watch the full episode of the show. The upcoming episode begins with Khushbeer saying he is going to the market to get stuff for Candy.

udaariyaan 12th october 2021

After that Gurpreet asks him not to go alone and then Fateh asks shall he take him. Later, Khushbeer asks he doesn’t need anyone. She asks Fateh to go with his dad and then Fateh and Khushbeer both leave from there. On the other hand, Jasmin looks on and thinks now she see Tejo.

She further says that everyone will lose their sleep for Jagrata and then she sees Tejo. Tejo says she is coming in an hour, stay ready as she has a piece of good news. She tells that she will come and tell everyone about this great news. Jasmin hides and Tejo looks outside the door and then she goes to get ready.

Then, Jasmin checks her phone and thinks Urvashi would be Simran. She messages Simran that plan is changed, come to the market near Gurudwara. Not only this, but she further writes she will meet her there and tell her about the good news.

On the other hand, Simran also thinks about why did Tejo change the plan, and then she thinks to call her but suddenly realizes if dad is around then what happened. She replies that Okay, she is reaching there in just 15 minutes.

Fateh and Khushbeer come to the market and Khushbeer say he will get ice cream for Candy. On the other hand, Jasmin is also there and looks on to see Simran. Suddenly, Simran and Candy come in an Auto Rickshaw and when Jasmin sees them she gets happy.

After that, Simran gets a call from Tejo and Candy sees Khushbeer and shouts Nana Ji. Simran turns and sees Khushbeer and when Khushbeer is just looking around, Simran stops Candy and takes him. Then, Khushbeer says that he felt Candy call him but Fateh says he loves him a lot and maybe he felt Candy is around. Jasmin gets angry as her plan failed again and then Simran leaves from there.

Now, what will happen in tonight’s episode of Udaariyaan is actually exciting to watch. So, if you actually want to watch the full episode then you just need to stay on Colors TV at 7 PM.


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